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Autori: Babu P George, Alexandru Nedelea
Abhijeet Publications, Delhi, India, 2007


Unit 1
International Tourism: Historical Perspectives
The Beginnings
Mass Tourism
The History of Tourism in India

Unit 2
International Tourism: Trends
Technological Trends
Tourism Post-September 11
Secular Trends
Tourism: Viability and Sustainability
Sustainable Development Theory: A Critique

Unit 3
International Tourism: Contemporary Issues
Terrorism and Tourism
Ecology and Tourism
Sex Tourism and the Gender Debate
Globalization, WTO, and Tourism

Unit 4
World Geography: Concepts
The Five Themes of Geography
Important Geographical Regions
IATA Regions
Important Tourism Destinations of India
India: Climate and Seasons

Unit 5
World Geography: Applications
Maps and Cartography
Geographical Information System
Wilderness Tourism
Natural Parks
Tourism Impacts
Destination Carrying Capacity
Carrying Capacity Measurement
Coastal and Marine Tourism

Unit 6
Tourism: A Community Based Approach
Community Based Development and Community Based Tourism
Defining Characteristics of a CBT Project
The Blueprint for Developing CBT
The Role of NGOs
Governments and CBT
Harnessing Public-Private-Partnership
Concluding Remarks

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